Stories from Patty

Patty is my baby daughter but like all babies she is growing up and is now a grandmother.  I have asked her to jot down some of her favorite memories to add to my blog and she laughter and told me this one.

“Not so many years ago when Jen first came to stay with them Patty would send them to bed and just expect them to go to sleep.  One night Patty went to bed thinking they had gone to sleep and suddenly she was woken up when she heard them in the refrigerator getting ice.  She went out to find both girls getting ice for their drinks and all the furniture out in the hall.  She scolded them of course and sent them back to their room only to find they had the fan loaded with her stuffed animals.  They were putting the animals on the fan, turning the fan on and watching the animals fly through the air.

Patty didn’t think of it any more for years until yesterday.  Becca has now moved back into that same room but this time it isn’t Jen to be in there with her but her three children, Regina and the twins, James and Colby.  She heard Becca laughing and then scolding James.  Patty asked her what was so funny and Becca showed her a video she had just taken of James putting his toys on the same fan and watching them fly around the room.  She had to take the video before letting him know he had been caught.  She did scold him but her heart wasn’t in it  as she remembered when she and Jen did the same thing with the same fan.   History always repeats itself.”    I should add, the fan is a ceiling fan and the reason James can reach it is because he was on the top bunk bed which is very close to the fan.  Becca was worried about that fan hoping it would not be a problem so did not run it unless they really needed the air.