Memories from Mary Lou

This is a picture of Mary Lou and myself when we graduated from the eighth grade.Photo on 10-2-15 at 10.25 AMThat is

my parent’s house on the right and our grandmother’s house was just to the left.  I will ask Mary Lou for some memories to add to this page also.








Photo on 10-2-15 at 10.26 AM


This is our graduation picture.   I am the one in the front row, first girl with all the dark red lipstick.   Mary Lou is in the back row fifth one next to the teacher.  We had the largest class to graduate from Harrisville Elementary School.   The other three girls in the back row were first Tootie Mack who lived in East View and the other two were from Chesham.  I don’t remember the second girl but the last one was Wanda Bully.  The rest of us all loved in the town.

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