THE SCHWARTZ FAMILY Some data that concern their many descendants

Johann Schwartz (John Swartz) came from a town in Germany, called Schwarenburg about the year 1750.  He brought with him to this country his three sons, namely; Michael, George, and Leobaltus, and settled in Northampton County near where Easton, Pennsylvania now stands, and there another son was born to him, named Johann (John), after his father.  There have been other children born after Johann came to this country, but we have no record of them or of Johann’s wife.

Michael bought land in Huntington County, and the deed was recorded in in 1819.  George owned land in Lycoming County, the deed being recorded Jan 31st, 1815.  Leobaltus bought 300 acres in Bedford County, and the deed was recorded Nov. 12th, 1792.

Michael came to what is now known as Lackawanna County and kept a hotel on the Brown Pike, between Slocum Hollow and Drinker’s Beech.  His descendants settled all thorough the Beech.

George went to the western part of Pennsylvania and reared a family but we have no record of his descendants.

Leobaltus married Margaret Hoffman, from Holland, and they also moved to Lackawanna County and bought property, which they farmed, and upon which Petrsburg is now built.  They also raised a large family and many of their descendants are located in the Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys.

The descendants of John Schwartz now number into the thousands and are God fearing, respectable and thrifty and are of those who compose the backbone of these United States.

It is claimed by some of the members of the Swartz family that there is in existence a record of the Schwartz family in an old Bible.  Also that John Schwartz brought over with him from Germany an old German Bible.  These have been lost trace of and information regarding them would be appreciated by all.  In the early days of the family the name was spelled Schwartz, but from time to time changes have been made and at the present time some spell it Schwartz, some Schwarts, some Swartz and some Swarts.

Phillip Schwartz, the son of Michael Schwartz, came from Eastern to Bucktown, now called Dunmore, before 1799 and purchased land of the State.   “The old tavern, long since vanished, with its round swinging sign and low bar room, one corner of which was fortified with long pine pickets, extended from the bar to the very ceiling, in times of yore was owned  successively by Wm. Allsworth, Phillip Swartz, Isaac Dolph, Henry W. Drinker and Samuel DePuy, before its destruction by fire.”

George W, Swartz the second child of Phillip Swartz, moved to Drinker’s Beech in 1846.  At one time all the children owned farms between Moscow and Hollisterville, and at this time the farms are owned by the same families, except three.

In the History of the Lackawanna Valley we find this record. “At the Court of Quarter Sessions, held at Wilkes-Barre in 1818, early settlers mentioned were John Besecker, and Jacob Swartz.  Mention has also been made in history of Daniel Swartz in connection with the Connecticut claimants in 1784.  He was attacked  five claimants and much abused, being dragged out of doors by the hair of his head and his wife suffered severely also.

In the book, “Pennsylvania Volunteers” at page 562, Vol. 8, in a letter fro Gen. Potter, dated Sunday, Sept. 18th, 1780, he says:  ” visited the volunteers that came from Cumberland, and as soon as we can get provisions, (which was next morning) marched the remnant consisting of 170 men upon the West Branch, to Fort Rice and Fort Swartz and says that Fort Swartz  was one mile from Milton.  There are many references made to the owning of land by different members of the Swartz family in the Records of Deeds in different counties.

Jacob Schwartz came to this country in 1727 in the ship “William and Sarah from Rotterdam.  We find that Jacob had land surveyed for him in Bedford County, March 15th, 1790 fifty acres, and ask he had land surveyed, 100 acres in Perry County in 1836.  This Jacob Schwartz was probably a brother of Joh Schwartz who had come to his country previously.

We do not want any to feel slighted as some did not answer our letters asking for information.   We have done the best we could with the data we were able to obtain.  It would be fine if we could get the address of all of the descendants, as there are so many in the western states.

Each one can recall any times they wish to their own book.

It is hoped that the copies will be carefully preserved by those who receive them, that they will contribute to the pleasure of the members of the family, assist in developing a more general interest in its welfare, prove in some slight degree at least a common bond of unity, stimulate correspondence, extend a personal acquaintance with one another, and in many days promote our mutual happiness and fraternal fellowship.

From the original booklet , “The Schwartz Family”  This copy was given to me by my father who was the grand son of Lucea Adelaide Swartz.

The following family lines also come from this booklet – I will note when I add any information that was not in the original booklet.
I have since found more information about this line in Germany so will add it now.
A. Heinz Schwarz born about 1440 in Urach, Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany He died in 1525 in Urach. No spouse listed but had at least two sons Konrad born 1460 and Heinz Schwarz
B Heinz Schatz born about 1470 in Urach, Reutlingen, Württemberg, Germany. Spouse is listed as Lay Scharz and only one son listed, Heinrich Schwarz Heinz died NACH (?) 1525 in Urach, Reutlingen, Wuttemberg, Germany.
C. Heinrich Schwarz born 1500 in Urach, Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and died 1573 in the same town. Married Anna Martha Vietz and had three girls and two boys Barbara, Bertha Anna and Anna Maria: Hieronymus and Isaak
D Hieronymus Schwartz. born 1536 In Urah, Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Married Barbara Spring and had sons David and Isaak and daughter Maria. there may have been others but they were not listed. Hieronymus died before 1613 in the same town.
E Isaak Schwartz born 22 May 1582 in Urach, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland his death is unknown. He married Euphrosina no last name. He is two sons listed Heinrich 1614-1677 and Thomas 1616-1683.
F. Thomas Schwartz was born Sep 1616 in Wieler, Karsruhe, Wuttemberg, Germany and died 14 Mar 1683 in the same town. He married Ana Catharina Hendel 1620-1682 three girls and three boys if you are interested in any of their children email me at and I can send you more information on them. for this line we need Leonard Julius Schwartz
G. Leonard Julius Schwartz born1650 in Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland and died about 1750 in the same town. He married Anna Elizabeth Haugh 1670-1750. They had at least one son Heinrich
H. Heinrich Ludwig Schwartz born 1689 in Zurich, Zurich Switzerland and died in 1765 in Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States They had 8 boys and two girls. The 7th boy was Johann Philip Schwartz born 1730 in Schwartzenburg Province, Germany and died 1827 in Harrisburg Dauphin, Pennsylvania USA

I    John Schwartz     came from Germany about 1750  Then from (AC) Johann Phiip Schwartz (John) born 1730 in Schwartzenburg, Schwartzenburg Proving, Germany.  He married first Barbara last name unknown,  second Caterina Ester Mueller born 1740 in Germany daughter of Valentine Mueller.  They were married 20 May 1759  in Lancaster Borough, PA He arrived in PA in 1753.  He died in 1827 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA

Children of John and Caterina– Michael ;  George ;  Leobaltus ;  John (from AC) other chidden of John and Caterina Jacob born 1780 in Eastern, PA and Peter born in 1783 in PA

II Michael  son of John     (Zak – this is your line) From – born 1755 in Dorndorf , Germany  Others say he was born in 1752 in Schwartzenburg, Germany and died in 1835 in Somerset, PA. He arrived in PA in 1768 and was on the tax list in 1783.  At that time it shows he owned 1 house, 1 barn and 8 persons lived in his house.  His assets included 267 ADL @ 32f  ( It is our guess this means he had 267 acre as valued at 32 f an acread.  He  owned 5 horses valued at L30 or 30 pounds; 7 cows 10-10 (must be taxed 10shilings – 10- pences ) 9 sheep at 1-2-6 and 2 Hills 100 yds.  (No guess yet what that means.) Then there is the following  468-16-6  and 5-17-2 and I am not sure what that refers to.

Children of Michael – George 1779;  Phillip 1775  Other children of Michael’s include: Matilda b. 13 Nov 1782   in Drinker, Lackawanna, PA and died 14 Nov 1862  in Moscow, Lackawanna, PA ;  Rosanna b. 1793 in PA. d. 5 Jan 1885 in South Canaan, Wayne, PA.;  Peter b 1795.

III  Phillip son of Michael  (Zak – this is your line) From – born before 1800

Children of Phillip by Mary Magdalene  – Jacob   Children of Phillip by second wife Mrs Weldy – Henry ; Charles; George W.; Peter ; Samuel ; Isaac;  William;  Mary S Beemer

IV Peter  (Zak- this is your line)son of Phillip- married Phoebe Benjamin From  born 1813  in Lackawanna Co., PA died 3 Feb 1880.  Census 1860 Peter ived in Moscow, Luzerne, PA  wife Phebe Benjamin born in 188 in NJ  married in Monroe, Juniata, PA.  He was on the tax list in PA in 1862 and 1863.  in 1880 the census records them as living in Madison, Lackawanna, PA and that both his mother and father were born in PA.  he was 66 and Pheobe was 62.  His occupation was listed as farmer.    I also found in the U.S Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1885  a Reverend Peter Swartz – widowed- died of Pneumonia at age 66 in Monroe, Juniata, PA.  I am not sure if this is the same Peter but it is to much the same not to be so take it with a grain of salt.

Children of Peter Swartz and Phoebe Benjamin – Mary Ann born 13 Jul 1837 died 8 Aug 1910 ; Susan born about 1842; Abraham born 1842 Martha J born about 1844; Jacob born 1845; Harriet born 1847 died 1860; Merit E. born 1848 died 9 Nov 1939 and Peter E. born Nov. 1854.

V Peter E. (Elwood Peter) son of Peter –  born  Nov 1854 in PA died Oct. 1854.  Married Harriet S. Megargel may4, 1875 in PA  Zak’s great great grand father.   From U.S. census : 1860  -lived in Moscow, Luzerne, PA;  1870  he lived in Madison, Luzwene, PA  1880 he is listed in Madison, Lackawanna, PA.(  I bet he did not move the county lines just moved or was renamed) 1900 he was in Chicopee, War 3, Hampton, MA. ; 1910 still in Chicopee;  1920 still in Chicopee but Edna was the only child living at home;  From the city directory he was living in Springfield, MA in 1925.

Children of Elwood Peter and Harriet S.   Hubert b. May 4, 1875 in PA; Lida b. 1877 in PA; Lela b. 1878 in PA; Eliza born 1879 in PA; Fay b. Feb 1882 in MA (?); Pansey b. 1885 in PA; Edna b. 1889 in PA; Jessie b. 1891 in MA; Editha born 1894 in MA.

VI Hubert son of Elwood Peter born March 15, 1876 in Moscow, Lackawanna, PA  Zak’s great grand father

VII  ?  Zak’s grand father

VIII Zak’s father

IX Zak

Now for Celina’s line

II Leobaltus son of John brother of Michael-  married Margaret Hoffman.

Children of Leobaltus and Margaret – Elizabeth Rasely;  Polly Frye ; Kate Warner;  George;  Lydia Taylor;  Henry;  Leobaltus;  Margaret Stout;  Elias

III Elias son of Leobatus first cousin of Philip  Married Azuba A. Miller.

Children of Elias and Azuba – George Harley; William Henry; Lydia A. Meader (Web’s wife); John B.;  Mary Phillips; Ira M. ; Harriet Delilah ; Emma J.; Edward T.:  Charles T;  Benjamin M.; M Frank ;  L. Adelaide; H.D. ;

IV Lucea Adelaide daughter of Elias second cousin Peter. Married Milton Young.

Children of Lucea Adelaide and Milton Young – Hattie; Mary Jane (they had 20 children all of whom lived to grow up);  Earle Agustus ; Dora ; Moulton

V Hattie daughter of Lucea and Milton third cousin of Elwood Peter.  Married Ernest Thayer

Children of Hattie and Ernest  Thayer  Guy ;  Herman; Leslie; Angie; baby girl.

VI Guy son of Hattie  fourth cousin of Hubert.  Married Helen Brown.

Children of Guy and Helen  Warren ;  Carol;  Shirley

VII Carol daughter of Guy fifth cousin of Zak’s grand father  married Norman Petts

Children of Carol and Norman  Katherine Ann ; Rebecca Ann (Shanti); Patricia Ann ; Joseph Thayer.

VIII Katherine Ann daughter of Carol sixth cousin of Zak’s father.  Married Robert Bourbonniere.

Children of Katherine and Robert  Celina;  Thomas

IX Celina daughter of Katherine  seventh cousin of Zak.

I have all the dates and stories of Celina’s line and will put them on at a later date.






35 Responses to THE SCHWARTZ FAMILY Some data that concern their many descendants

  1. Heather Swartz says:

    I was wondering if you have any record of John L. Swartz born around 1874. He was married to Mary Mitchell. They had 3 sons and a daughter. Arthur, Norman, Melvin and Charlotte. Norman was born in Juniata co. Pa.

  2. Alan L. Swartz says:

    Hello. I am Alan L. Swartz, son of Jack C. Swartz, who was son of Joseph M. Swartz, who was son of Lewellyn Swartz, who was son of George Harley Swartz, who was son of Elias M. Swartz/Schwartz, who was son of LeoBalthsar Schwartz, who was son of Johann Philip Schwartz. I have quite a bit of information on my lineage if anyone is interested. I could also always use help. Also in my mix is Direct connection to the Mayflower through Azubah (Miller) Swartz/Schwartz-Elias’s wife, and the Green Mountian Boys..

    • Barbara Swartz says:


      My name is Barbara Swartz. I am married to Theodore Robert Swartz who is the son of Theodore Robert Swartz Senior, who is the son of Theodore Rosevelt Swartz who was the son of Jacob Swartz who was the son of Francis Lee Andrew Swartz who was the son of Eli Swartz born about 1817 in Bedford or Bucks, Pennsylvania. This Swartz family left Pennsylvania and moved westward ending up in Nebraska, Washington State, Colorado and various other areas. Several in our family have been working on finding out who Eli’s mother and father were. We have hit a wall. Are you in any way related our family? That would be too good to be true!

      On, several people indicate that Leobalthasar Swartz us Eli’s father, but I have found no concrete evidence for this. Any help would be appreciated. I am not a member of this forum so please reply to my home email

      Best regards,

      Barbara Swartz

    • Angie Swarts says:

      I am looking for a Peter Swartz born 1815 in Canada who married Mary Soverign. He may have a brother named William. I think their father was Peter Swartz born 1779 in Pennsylvania. I have been searching for 20+ years
      any help would be appreciated,

  3. Mary Ann Lebron says:

    My George Swartz was born in 1810 in Bedford County, PA to John Swartz (1778-1862) and Christina Rinard (1785-1870). John Swartz may have been born in New Jersey. I assume his wife was born in Bedford County, PA. I cannot go back any further than John Swartz, where he came from – I’m assuming from Germany. Also, I have hit brick walls with my great-great grandfather George. He was married 4 times – Maria Stoner, Mary Penrod (who I’m descended through), Catherine Penrod (don’t know if there’s a connection) and Jane Horton. George died in March 1880; I have a copy of his mortality record. However, I can find no records or headstone as to where he might be buried. The Stoner family were among the early settlers of Bedford County. I have traced Catherine Penrod’s family to Johnstown, PA and I’m sure Mary’s family is from there as well. Jane Horton is buried beside her 1st husband, Henry Swartz, a brother to George. Any information would be welcome and I would also gladly share with others to aid them in their research.

    Thank You,

    Mary Ann Lebron

    • Hi Mary Ann, I have looked through all of my research on the Swartz family and cannot for the life of me make a connection with your family. There were several Swartz that came to this country and all have very large families so the names of George and John and repeated every generation but I can’t connect the two families. My line was mostly in Lackawanna County, PA. They were connected to the railroad and ran a hotel in Moscow, PA. I will keep my eyes open for any new connections and get back to you if I find anything. Carol Petts

  4. Peter Swartz says:

    My line of Swartz’s begin with Johannes Schwartz (9/13/1766) from Schwartzenberg Baden, Germany His brothers were Peter and Martin in Snyder county Pa. I cannot locate anything prior to this. Johannes father was also named Johannes.

    • Daniel Lockwood says:

      My mother’s maiden name was Swartz. Her ancestor was Johannes Schwartz who came from Schwartzenberg Baden, Germany in the 1700’s. His father was also Johannes. There was a large family, but my line went through PA, to Summit County OH, to NE. Johannes was married to Maria Meiser. My line was Johannes to Henry to Peter to Harrison Summit County OH in 1855. I do have a lot on some early family, but there were several Johannes Schwartz who came from this general area pf Germany in the 1700’s.

      • Peter Swartz says:

        Same family. My line runs through Phillip born 1792 who was your Heinrich’s brother. While an arm
        Of the family moved to Ohio and beyond, my line remained in PA.

  5. Michelle says:

    I am married to Jonathan Swarts. His line is: Johannes, Leobaltas, George, Taylor, Edwin E., Raymond, Edwin I, and Edwin II.
    Many of the Swarts (Swartz) family are buried nearby. I have spent some time trying to verify information, especially dates.
    Willing to share if you are interested.

    • Pete Swartz says:

      Thanks for your reply. My line comes from Snyder county Pa. also originating from Schwartzenburg. My line goes Johannes (Peter) Johan Philip, David M., William.. Have run into a blank wall as to before 1766 which is the date for Johannes. He first appears in Northumberland county in 1772 tax roles.

      • Thanks for the information. I have added it to my file on the Schwartz. I can’t find the connection to my line Johannes (Philip) but will keep my ears open and if I find any connections at all I’ll let you know.

    • Yes, I would like to get any dates or names ou have and will give you any I have. Right now I am busy making orange marmalade but as soon as I can I will email you the dates I have on Johannes, Leobaltas and George. from there we part branches on the family tree and I don’t have information on them. I no longer belong to so don’t have that information available to me any longer.

  6. Alan L. Swartz says:

    Hello Carol…Alan L. Swartz here…it is 1/27/2018. I just wanted to once again, share my interest in anything on my Lineage connection back to Johan through LeoBathasar, through Elias, through George Harley. Even got to Eau Claire, Wisconsin this last summer to see George Harley and his wife Christie’s tombstone and burial site! Always interested in anything related to my side of the family, and feel free to contact me. Have a great year!

    • Hi Alan, Nice to hear from you and know you are still interested in the family tree. Unfortunately I am no help to you right now. Norman, my husband died very suddenly Oct 30th, I sold our house and have moved to Wenatchee, WA and all my family histories are back in Florida in storage and I have no way of doing any research into any branch of the tree. I hope to get back there soon and get my things out of storage but for the next year it looks like I will be here helping teach my grandson Algebra. When and if I ever get back and can again work on the family tree I will let you know of any new discovery. Sorry Carol

  7. Eileen T Ramos says:

    Any information regarding Wilson Swartz Lycoming township Pennsylvania? Married to Susana Sunderland. Both born on early 1800s. Settled in Mercer county Pennsylvania. They had 10 children. William, Parmelia or Pamela, Elizabeth,Charles Sunderland Swartz, Sarah M. Creighton, George Washington, Anna Elizabeth, Thomas, Robert John.

    • I just unpacked my genealogy research and now have to get back into the swing of it. I have looked a little into Lycoming township but not found anything new yet. I would like to tie you Swartz line into my Swartz line that way I might be able to find something new for you, do you have any other names I could follow? Do you belong to I’ll keep in touch now and let you know if I find anything. Carol

      • Eileen T Ramos says:

        Carol. Thank you. My email is
        I didn’t renew my subscription since I hit several dead ends. Wilson was born around 1805. He married Susana Sunderland and from Lycoming Pa. They settled in Mercer Pa.

    • Hi, I have been all through my Swartz family tree and even checked all the cousins as far back as I could find information on and nor where could I find a Wilson Swartz. I did find there were many different Swartz or Schwartz line in PA at that time and they don’t seem to be related. I even thought that the Wilson might be a family name so I checked the one woman who had the last name for Wilson but no where in her descendants could I find a Wilson Swartz. I will keep my eyes open as I go and if I find anything later I’ll get back to you. sorry I can’t be of more help.

  8. Angie Swarts says:

    Hello. My name is Angie Swarts and my line stops in 1815 with Peter Swartz and Mary Soverign. Born in Canada. I am certain his father was born in Pennsylvania. I am also sure he had a brother named William. But, have made no connection to his parent’s names. Any help would be much appreciated. This has been a 20 year search with no leads.

    • Hi Angie, I have been filling out my Schwarts family tree and putting in all the cousins out as far as I can trace them. I looked over all the generations and found many Peter Swartz’s but none that fit the bill. I also noticed that I don’t have any records of anyone living in Canada and yet I know after he revolutionary war people were offered free land in Canada if they wold move there. They needed people to settle in Canada to keep America from encroaching on their land. I guess we took quite a bit anyways and I know many Swartz family went to Canada at that time but I don’t have any names for people who did go. I have an international membership of and I get all the records fromEngland and Europe but I don’t remember ever getting any Canadian records. I will keep my eyes open for a Peter that fits you bill and if I find any I will let you know. I am also looking for a Wilson Swartz born in the early 1800 and haven’t found him yet. There are many many Schwarts lines in Pennsylvania in our early history so it is possible both of these men are not related at all to my line but I will keep checking. Wish I could be of more help.

      • Eileen T Ramos says:

        Hello. I am a descendant of Wilson Swartz. He was born around 1805, married Susanna Sunderland, and they settled on Mercer Pennsylvania.

      • About a year ago I first heard of Wilson Swartz and began searching my family tree for him. I had hoped I would find him among one of the many many cousins in one of the many generations but I never found a Wilson Swartz among the cousins in any generation. The name Wilson never showed up. It turns out that Schwartz in Pennsylvania at that time in history was as common as Smith or Jones is in this generation. I found sever other Schwartz lines that came from Germany and had no connection that I could find to my Schwartz line and even in those I could not find a Wilson so it doesn’t seem to be a family name. I wish you luck finding him.

      • Eileen T Ramos says:

        Thank you Carol. In my Ancestry tree, other cousins have drawn a blank as well. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
        Best Regards

    • Oh, I forgot to tell you I found one Peter the gave me a lot of hope for a minute. He was Peter Swartz, male born in 1779 in Pennsylvania died on 10 Feb 1858 and buried in Portage Prairie cemetery in Buchanan Berrien County . Michigan and he had a son Peter but I could not find his birth day and he didn’t have a brother Micheal. That is as close as I got.

  9. Eileen T Ramos says:

    I am looking for the parents of Wilson Swartz Lycoming County Pennsylvania. He was orphaned at a young age. Married Susanna Sunderland. They settled in Mercer County Pennsylvania. Wilson was born around 1805.

  10. Winslow Schwartz says:

    I have been doing genealogical research and run into a wall. My great grandfather George Schwartz born around 1908 died when my grandfather was less than a year old, Georges father George Sr born around 1884 died the same year. Jr. was married to a Theresa and Sr. was married to a Tillie or Matilda whose maiden name was Schimmel.

    My grandfather didn’t know much about his fathers family because he never really new them. I believe I have traced George Sr. father to Jacob Schwartz born around 1860 and Jacobs father to a George and Sarah Swartz(spelling in the NY census) but I have not been able to trace it further. The New York census estimates George Swartz to be born around 1824 to 1827 and give an L as a middle initial. They lived in Olean NY in 1855 and 1875 according to the census.

    Any info would be appreciated, email is

    • Winslow Schwartz says:

      Apparently George and Sarah Swartz(census spelling) may have lived in Minnesota for a while, they are absent from the 1865 census and have a child listed as born there in another.

  11. Kate says:

    I was able to trace my lineage back to this line as well through my grandfathers side (he passed in 2000) and I was wondering if anyone knew about the Schwartz/Swartz line being Jewish? I found out I have Jewish in me through ancestry DNA and I’ve traced this name back to German Jewish roots but I’m not sure if it applies directly to our family or not. Any information is GREATLY helpful!

  12. Gregory Schwarz says:


    I’m looking for information on my great great great grandparents. “Henry (Possibly Henrich) Schwarz and Anna Katherine Beck Schwarz

    They had a son “Rudolph” born 22 Dec 1851. Possibly somewhere in the Hesse region.

    Rudolph was a farmer before coming to America in 1873.

    Thank You!

    • Eileen Ramos says:

      I am looking for parents of Wilson Swartz of Lycoming county Pa. He was orphaned at a young age. Born around 1805

    • Samantha Dubberly says:


      my names samantha and I am not a Swartz but I came across a picture in a trash can and with hand written names on the back I have Katherine himes the picture was taken in 1915 and there is also two daughters listed u believe the names are Elberta is what one looks like ….

  13. Jason K. Black says:

    My name is Jason Black after some DNA testing I’ve found that at some point my surname was Schwartz. I have a Philip Black born ~1750 in PA but not sure exactly where and do not know when he passed. My sister found that Philip Black is the son of Johann Phillip Schwartz and Catherina Mueller. If anyone has any information to confirm or disprove this I’d be greatly appreciative.

    • Michelle Swarts says:

      I am not aware of a name change from Schwartz to Black but I do know about Philip Swartz, son of Johannes and Catherina. Phillip was one of the first settlers of Dunmore (formerly Bucktown) Pennsylvania. It is currently located in Lackawanna County. Philip is cited in a book on the history of Pennsylvania near Scranton. I read online that he is buried in Dunmore Cemetery but I have to locate his grave site and prove this.

  14. Liza champlain says:

    My grandmother’s name was Eliza Jane Swartes and she was born 6/12/1980 we have been searching for years of anything about her family history. She married Fred Oscar Watkins in 1900 in Arkansas.

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