Welcome to my blog  I am new at this so will change this as I learn and grow.  For now it will have to do to introduce myself.  I am a retired teacher, I taught all grades from kindergarten to college at one time or other.  The only grades I never taught was grades 3 and 4.  I loved them all and hated to leave teaching but at some point in your life you have to move on.  Since retiring I have kept busy farming, and working all types of crafts.  I have written several books and self published three plus three booklets just for the family.

I started on computers back in the mid 70’s when we had to program in the basic language.  Now I am back working on a computer and find I am out of touch so much I get lost easily.  Thank God for my grandson who guides me through this mine field they call a computer.

I want to present my books to you and let you know what I am working on at present so check back often.  Welcome, I have been having fun adding to each page and learning just what I can do.  I find this a very friendly site and hope to hear from many others who are trying to connect as I am.

Todays big project  has been to add pictures at the top of each page.  This picture is of Christmas 2004.  Christmas Eve is my time.  I go to Florida with my daughter Patty and I host the Christmas Eve dinner, we have a tree at that time and take the picture for the next year’s Christmas card.  This was one of the pictures that didn’t make it to the card as you can see sometimes it is hard to get everyone in line and settled down.  Each year it gets to be a smaller group as everyone moves around the country but we are all together in spirit on Christmas Eve. I am the old lady on the far left. This year we had family from CA, Conn., OK, FL, NH, and GA.

Christmas 2017 has presented many new situations to handle.  Norman died Oct 30th which left me here to fight the world alone.  I sold the house and moved to Wenatchee, WA with my son Joe and his family, which was great but it meant leaving Patty and her family in Florida which was heart breaking.  Now I am adjusting to life without my love of almost 67 years.  I am tutoring Luke which is a life savior for me and can plan for a move back to Florida as soon as everyone finds work there.  But for now it is one step at a time.  Make one change and be happy with it and then worry about other possibilities later.

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  1. This is my family, thank you for sharing the memories.

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