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Starting in 1776, King George III of England hired units of soldiers from the various German states to assist in fighting in the American Revolution. Most of these men came from Hess-Kassel. About 30,000 men joined the British regiments from 1776-1783.

After the war ended, about 17,000 returend to their homeland. About 7,000 had been killed or died from illness or accidents. About 3,500 Hessians stayed in the United States and 2,500 came to Canada. A few hundred came to Nova Scotia.

Johannes Helmut Merz, now deceased, spent many years researching the Hessian soldiers. He did his research at the National Archives in Ottawa. I found our ancestor’s name in Mr. Merz’s work,”Register of German Military Men who Remained in Canada after the American Revolution.”

Our first Carver ancestor in Nova Scotia was Johann George Koerber/Kerber, as found in Mr. Merz’s work. After his discharge he arrived in Lunenburg before 1791. There were Korber/Kerber familiess who arrived with the Foreign Protestants in the 1700’s. Some stayed in Halifax and some came to Lunenburg with the settlement in 1753. I have not found if they were relatives of Johann George Korber.

The first Becker/Baker was also a Hessian soldier.

Johann George Kerber

born Hesse

died July 18, 1824, Zion Lutheran records, Lunenburg

buried somewhere in Lunenburg County

married March 1, 1791, Zion


Margaretha Elizabeth Teubert (now Tipert)

born August 7, 1774.

baptized August 14, 1774, St. John’s Anglican records, Lunenburg

died February 19, 1831, Zion

buried somewhere in Lunenburg County

Death record:

Kerber widow, age 58, of consumption

Margaretha was the daughter of Johann Andreas and Elizabeth (Redinger) Teubert who were married September 12, 1773, St. John’s by Rev. de la Roche.

Marriage record:

Georg Scharkerber, step-son of Chris. Muller

Teuber, Marg. Eliz., of Joh. And.

March 1, 1791, Zion

Witness: Johann Andreas Tuber


Children of Johann George and Margreta Elizabeth (Teubert) Kerber:

Maria Elizabeth Kerber

born March 16, 1792.

baptized March 20, 1792, Zion

Witnesses: Andreas Weil and Maria Elizabeth

died October 7, 1879, North field


Maria Elizabeth Kerber

born March 16, 1792.

baptized March 20, 1792, Zion

Witnesses: Andreas Weil and Maria Elizabeth

died October 7, 1879, Northfield

married May 17, 1814, St. John’s

Johann George Ramey

Johann Matthaus Kerber

born August 6, 1793.

baptized August 7, 1793, Zion

Witnesses: Johann Matthaus Bleysteiner and Anna Margaretha

died of a fever, St. Paul’s Lutheran, Bridgewater

between January and March, 1864.


Maria Gertraud Kerber

born May 24, 1795.

baptized May 26, 1795, Zion

Witnesses: Johan Mehlman and Maria Gertraud Zwicker

died May, 1886, Riversdale Presbyterian (now Pinehurst)

married November 24, 1816, Zion

Johann Ramey

Marriage record:

Remig, Joh, of Fried., LaHave

Kerber, Anne Marie of Joh.


Anna Catharina Kerber

born October 12, 1797.

baptized November 1, 197, Zion

Witnesses: Johan Lorenz Waubarl and Anna Catharina Heb

died November 7, 1883, New Germany

buried St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, New Germany

married (1) November 30, 1819, Zion

Matthias Busch

born about 1779

died June 21, 1821, age 42

second son of Nicholas Busch

Anna Catharina married (2) October 25,1825, Zion

Johann Matthew Werner (Varner)

born July 2, 1797.

baptized July 10, 1797, Zion

died May 5, 1875, New Germany

buried St. John’s Anglican Cemetery

son of John Michael and Mary Margaret (Kurtz) Werner, New Germany

Marriage record:

Werner, Matthaus, of Michael

Kerber, Catherine, widow

October 25, 1825, Zion

There is a wild rose bush that blooms every year by the tombstone of Catharina and Matthew.

Our house is built on their land.


Philipp Kerber

born 1801

baptized March 28, 1801, Zion

Witnesses: Philipp Revior and Elizabeth


** Joh. Christopher Kerber

born 1803

baptized May 6, 1803, Zion

Witnesses: John Christopher Lohnes and wife


Maria Catherine Gertraud Kerber

born 1806

baptized June 3, 1806, Zion

Witnesses: Henry Duerr and wife Margaret

died May 11,  1893, Front Ohio (now Simpson’s Corner)

buried St. John’s Anglican Cemetery

married April 2, 1826, Zion

William Woodworth

Marriage record:

Woodowrth, Wilhelm of Wilhelm

Kerber, Marie Gertraud of Johann

April 2, 1826, Zion


Anna Barbara Kerber

born April 26, 1808.

baptized May 19, 1808, Zion

Witnesses: Johannes Feindel and Anna Barbara Heb

died May 30, 1874, Waterloo

buried near the house

married November 29, 1836, St. John’s, Lunenburg

John Anspach Lavender, a man of colour

born March 24, 1789.

baptized October 26, 1789, Zion

died August 24, 1880, St. Paul’s


son of John and Susannah (Sukay) Lavender


Joh. Heinrich Kerber

born May 9, 1811.

baptized May 18 ,1811, Zion

died November 25, 1866, Northfield

married October 4, 1838, St. Peter’s Anglican, New Dublin

Anna Catherine Fancy

The Newburne Carvers descend form this family.


Regine Elizabeth Kerber

born October 16, 1813.

born October 16, 1813.

died after 1901


married January 10, 1839, Zion

married January 10, 1839, Zion

John Frederick Meissner

born January 3, 1809.



son of John Conrad and Eva Margaretha (Masson) Meisner

Marriage record:

Meissner, John Frederick, youngest of Joh. Conrad

Kerber, Regine, youngest of Joh.

January 10, 1839, Zion


John Lorenz Kerber

born January 1, 1816.

baptized April 10, 1816, Zion


The children of Johann George Kerber and his wife, Margaretha Elizabeth  were all born in Lunenburg County. The church records do not state where they were born but some were likely born in New Germany.


On August 27, 1808, John Feindel, Thomas Penny, William Woodworth, Peter MacKay, Johann Kerber, and John Cantore petitioned the Nova Scotian government for land grants in New Germany.

Johann Kerber had the largest family- his wife and eight children. He was granted five hundred acres. Two sites of two hundred fifty acres were surveyed. They were located diagonally from each other at the foot of New Germnay Lake, first called Second Lake.

On August 16, 1825, Michael Varner’s warrant for these two sites was submitted. Warrants were also filed for John Feindel, Peter MacKay, William Woodworth, Frederick Ramey, Nathaniel Morgan, and John Simpson. These men requested a totoal of one thousand seven hundred fifty acres.


In 1830 Michael Varner was granted the surveyed sites of Johann Kerber. He had died in 1824 so he could not fulfill the conditions to obtain the land.  This is where our house is built.

Johann Christopher Carver
born 1803; tombstone has 1799
baptized May 6, 1803, Zion
Witnesses: Johann Christopher Lohnes and wife
died October 16, 1885, Baker Settlement
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery

married April 20, 1839, St. Peter’s Anglican, New Dublin
Catherine Helene (Ellen) Wenzel
born September 17, 1821.
baptized October 18, 1821, Zion
Witnesses: W.J. Nicholaus Oxener and Catherine
died January 17, 1907, St. Luke’s Lutheran
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery
daughter of Nicolaus and Eleonore (Mairer) Wenzel

In December, 1862, Christopher was assessed real estate worth $2200 and personal property of $200 in Pleasant River District. He owned 265 acres.

In the 1891 and 1901 census, Ellen resided at Caledonia with her son Manuel. She could not read or write. She likely died in West Caledonia.

1871 census
Christopher, 70
Ellenor, 48
Hiram, 24
Benjamin, 23
Daniel, 21
Sophia, 18
Emmanuel ,10
Minna, 8

Children of Johann Christopher and Catherine Helene (Wenzel) Carver:

Maria Cecelia Carver
born January 3, 1840, New Dublin
baptized February 24, 1840, St. Peter’s
died December 6, 1842, Zion
Zion death:
Kerber, Cacilia, age 2 1/2, of Christopher, Upper LaHave, December 6, 1842, scarlet fever
** James David Hiram Carver
born April 1, 1841.
baptized March 31, 1844, St. John’s Anglican, New Germany
Franciska Caroline Carver
born March 4, 1842.
baptized March 30, 1842, Zion
Witnesses: John Heb and Anna Barbara Wenzel
probably died young
Benjamin Carver, Midville Branch
born November 14, 1845, New Germany
baptized December 9, 1845, St. John’s, New Germany
died April 20, 1933, Midville Branch
buried Midville Branch Cemetery

married May 21, 1889, Midville Branch Lutheran
Sarah Agnes Wile
born April 17, 1856, Midville Branch
died March 25, 1921, Bridgewater
buried Midville Branch Cemetery
daughter of Jacob and Lucy (Wentzell) Wile, Midville Branch
Daniel Carver, Midville Branch
born January 24, 1848, Pleasant River Road
baptized May 24, 1848, Zion
died after 1901
married August 9, 1874, Pleasant River Congregational
Rebecca Ann Fancy
born 1854, Baker Settlement
died before 1901
daughter of John Benjamin and Mary Ann (Bolivar) Fancy, Baker Settlement
Reuben Carver, Devonshire, Queens County
born July 6, 1851, Midville Branch
baptized August 3, 1851, Zion
died November 13, 1932, Greenfield
buried Church of England Cemetery, Caledonia

married September 14, 1880, Bridgewater Baptist
Anne Seldon
born October 9, 1852, Devonshire
died June 22, 1915, Devonshire, from measles and poor health
buried Church of England Cemetery, Caledonia
daughter of John and Dorcas (Cole) Seldon, Devonshire
Mary Carver (I believe she is the Minna in the census)
married October 16, 1883, Free Baptist, Harmony
John allen Robar
born about 1850, Buckfield
son of George William and Martha (Lloyd) Robber

Sophia Carver
born January 25, 1854.
baptized March 13, 1854, Zion
died October 7, 1915, Boston, of apoplexy
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery
Emmanuel Carver, West Caledonia
born August 10, 1856.
baptized September 21, 1858, St. Paul’s
died December 1, 1940, West Caledonia
buried Church of England Cemetery, Caledonia
married November 17, 1885, Caledonia Methodist
Susan Peterson
born March 1, 1863, Caledonia
baptized Holy Trinity, Liverpool
died June 6, 1936, West Caledonia
buried Church of England Cemetery, Caledonia
daughter of Sarah Peterson

That ends the family of Christopher and Ellen. Tomorrow I will be starting with the family of Hiram and Mary.
James David Hiram Carver, Baker Settlement
born April 1, 1841, Baker Settlement
baptized March 31, 1844, St. John’s Anglican, New Germany
died July 23, 1910, Baker Settlement
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery

married November 19, 1871, Falkland Road Presbyterian
Mary Catherine Maude Baker
born September 25, 1848, Baker Settlement
died September 2, 1907, probably West Caledonia
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery
daughter of Joseph and Mary Ellen (Gillmore) Baker, Baker Settlement

Marriage record:
Carver, Hiram, 25, farmer
born Bridgewater, living Pleasant River Road
son of Christopher

Baker, Mary, 22
living Pleasant River Road
daughte rof Joseph and Mary
married November 19, 1871, Falkland Road Presbyterian, Lunenburg
Witnesses: Isabella Duff
Maggie Duff
Rev. William Duff

Hiram had lost an eye in an accident.

Mary Baker Carver was a school teacher. Hiram and Mary were married at Falkland Road in Lunenburg by license. Thomas English, a labourer, signed their marriage bond.

On January 12, 1874, Hiram purchased eighty-four acres of land on the Pleasant River Road from William Fancy.

In the 1891 census Hiram could read but not write. His wife and children, except five year old Edwin, could read and write. Joseph was a wage earner as a miner. Hiram was Lutheran. Mary and the children were Congregationalists.

My mother told me Hiram and Mary’s home was where Carolyn Bolivar Getson’s home is now. After that house burned they moved up on the hill where the locust trees are. Their son, Frank, was born in that house. That house also burned. Frank bought the Joseph Baker place where he raised his family. Hiram and Mary lived their final years with Frank.

Progress Enterprise The Bridgewater Enterprise Column of Wednesday, July 27, 1910.

Mr. Carver, who was about seventy years of age, had been working hard at haying and after assisting in putting a load on the wagon went on the loft to stow it away.

He had climbed up the ladder to hang up a pulley. When he came down he stepped off the bottom rung of the ladder, fell over backwards and he died there in the presence of a number of his sons. Heart disease was noted as the cause of his death.

My mother said, “Hiram stepped off the ladder and said,” Well, boys, I’ll leave the rest up to you,” and died.”

Death report:
Hiram Carver
died July 23, 1910, 69 years
Baker Settlement
farmer, widower; born Bridgewater
heart disease
Undertaker: Alonzo Frauzel
Bert R. Carver made the statement.

Children of Hiram and Mary (Baker) Carver:

Joseph Ebenezer Carver
born April 5, 1872, Baker Settlement

Grace Maud Carver
born September 4, 1873, Baker Settlement

Henry A. Carver
born March 4, 1875, Baker Settlement

Frank Tennyson Carver
born October 4, 1879, Baker Settlement

Ralph Waldo Emerson Carver
born September 3, 1882, Baker Settlement

Robert Randall Carver
born May 28, 1886, Baker Settlement

Edwin Carver
born May 28, 1887, Baker Settlement

Florence Carver

Baby Carver

The last three children died of diphtheria. They were buried in one coffin in Baker Settlement Cemetery.

Joseph Ebenezer Carver, Troy, New Hampshire
born April 5, 1872, Centreville, then changed to Baker Settlement
baptized March 1, 1874, Rev. James Shipperly
died October 8, 1938, Swanzey, New Hampshire
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy

married September 23, 1912, Troy
Lillian Blanche Starkey
born February 18, 1888.
died 1975
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy
daughter of Daniel A. and Augusta C. (Lang) Starkey

In the 1930 census, Joseph was a foreman in a textile mill.

Harold Lawrence Carver, Keen, New Hampshire
born September 26, 1899, Midville Branch
died December 18, 1979, Keene

Uncle Harold was the son of Joseph Carver and a Snyder relative. He was raised by his grandparents, Hiram and Mary Carver.

Harold married
Ravona Lucille Skagss
born October 30, 1904, Littleton, New Hampshire
died December ,1995, West Palm Beach

Virginia Marilyn Carver
born June 10, 1927, New Hampshire
died January 16, 1989.

Harold Lawrence Carver, Jr., Lagrangeville, New York
born October 19, 1932, Keene
died May 31, 2006, Poughkeepsie, New York
married July 5, 1953.
Joyce Ann Cantlin

Erin Lee Carver, Schaumburg, Illinois
born June 27, 1954, Rantonl, Illinois

Jeffrety Scott Carver, Fairfax, Texas
born June 22, 1961, Keene

1930 Census
Carver, Harold, cutter in a shoe shop
crossed border April, 1921, age 21
born Baker Settlement
arrived Vanceboro, Maine

Harold, 30
Ravona, 25
Virginia, 1 10/12

Child Desertation Bridgewater Bulletin Published October 3, 1899.

On Wednesday evening last (September 26, 1899) the family of Hiram Carver left their house alone for a time and on their return were more than surprised to find the house had been entered and a legacy left them in shape of a four weeks old infant with a note attached to it containing the words,” My darling is unchristened. Call him Harold. Be good to him and take care of him.” Besides this there was a parcel of clothing and blankets and a nursing bottle filled with milk which was yet sweet proving that the child had not been abandoned very long. Rumors are rife concerning the affair, one version being that a lady has been living here for the past two months incog. and has not taken a very active part in society and has left the town in a hurry, another that a child was born in a place near Baker’s Settlement and the mother has left for parts unknown. These, however, are only rumors.
This baby was Uncle Harold. His father was Joseph and the mother a Snyder relative from the United States. She was staying in Midville Branch. She is supposed to have been Ida Hale, a sister of Waldo’s wife.

Grace Maud Carver, Troy, New Hampshire
born September 1, 1873, Baker Settlement
baptized March 1, 1874, Rev. James Shipperly
died February 4, 1920, Troy, of tuberculosis
buried Monadnaock View Cemetery, Troy

married July 4, 1894.
Warren Castella Brown
born November 13, 1873, Troy
died March 21, 1965, Troy, ruptured appendix
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy
son of Lemuel W. and Sarah (Bliss) Brown, Troy

Grace immigrated in 1895 to work in a weaving mill.

1920 Census
Warren C., 46, foreman in a blanket mill
Grace M., 46
Doris H., 22
Ruth E., 14

Mountain View Cemetery, Troy
Warren C. 1873-1965
Grace M. 1873-1920
Harriet H.T. 1893-1985
Ruth E. Gray 1905-1988

United States Census of 1900
Brown, Warren C., born May, 1873, 26 years
born New Hampshire
occupation: sewing room

Brown, Grace M., born September,1873, 26 years
born Nova Scotia, immigrated 1891; 9 years in the United States

Brown, Doris H., daughter
born March, 1898, 2 years, born New Hampshire

Carver, Waldo, brother-in-law, born September, 1881, 18 years
born Nova Scotia, immigrated 1899
occupation: bailer shoddy

Carver, Joseph, brother-in-law, born April, 1872, 28 years
born Nova Scotia, immigrated 1900
can read, write, speak English
occupation: bailer shoddy
Children of Warren Castello and Grace Maud (Carver) Brown:

Baby boy, stillborn

Doris Helen Brown, Harrisville
born March 3, 1898.
died February 16, 1989.
buried Island Cemetery, Harrisville
Guy Webster Thayer, weaver and electrician
born May 20, 1897, Haverhill
died June 12, 1978, Jacksonville, Florida
buried Island Cemetery, Harrisville
son of Ernest and Hattie (Young) Thayer

Warren Guy Thayer, Harrisville
born July 15, 1930, Keene
died August 12, 2010, at home
Mary O’Gara
born October 2, 11934, Harrisville
died January 1, 1998.

Warren married (2)
Helen Pracon
Carol Thayer
Noramn Petts


Katherine Petts

Rebecca, now Shanti Petts

Patricia Petts

Joseph Petts
Shirley Thayer
Frank Chaamberlain


Ruth Evangeline Brown
born January 22, 1905,
died October 4, 1988,
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy
Anthony B. Gray, Albany , New York

Nancy Helen Gray
born April 16, 1932.
Charles F.R. Way
died 1991

Child: Richard Reid Way
born September 13, 1950.
Susan Ponek

Nancy married (2)
Philip J. O’Grady
born February 19, 1925.
died May, 1973.

Michael John O’Grady
born March 11, 1959.

Timothy James O’Grady
born February 12, 1960.
Hien N. John

Asia Lee O’Grady
born October 24, 1991.

Aidan Quinn O’Grady
born December 27, 1992.

David Shawn O’Grady
born April 6, 1962.
Doreen Clark

Kyle Shane O’Grady
born January 8, 1996, Burlington, Vermont

Liza Shae O’Grady
born April 23, 1998.
After Grace’s Death, Warren married August 17, 1921, Troy
Harriet Hartley Thompson
born February 22, 1893.
died November 30, 1985.
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy
daughter of Herbert P. and Mary E. (Hartley) Thompson


Norma Brown
Beverley Brown

Frank Tennyson Carver, Baker Settlement
born October 4, 1879, Baker Settlement
died May 18, 1948, Baker Settlement
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery

married October 20, 1909, Midville Branch
Elva May Wentzel
born August 16, 1889, Midville Branch
died April 5, 1978, Bridgewater
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery
daughter of David Conrad Howard and Minnie (Haines) Wentzell, Midville bRanch

Witnesses to wedding:
Bernice Deal
Clarence Wentzel

Rev. C.B. Brewer

Wedding Bells at Midville 1909 Bridgewater Bulletin

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wentzel of Midville was the scene of a happy event on Wednesday, October 20th.; their eldest daughter , Elva May, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Frank Carver of Baker’s Settlement, by the Rev. C.B. Brewer, of Bridgewater. The bride was handsomely gowned in white cashmere with trimming to match and carried a bouquet of white dahlias and other autumn flowers. She was attended by Miss Bernice Deal of Laconia who was attired in pink nun’s veiling over white lace and carried a bouquet of white asters and autumn flowers. The groom was supported by Clarence Wentzel, brother of the bride. The wedding march was played by Mrs. William Wentzel of Wentzel’s Lake. Immediately after the ceremony, the newly married couple received the hearty congratulations of their many friends. All the guests, numbering upwards of fifty, sat down to an abundant repast to which we are happy to state all did ample justice. The bride received a large number of beautiful and useful presents, among them being a handsome bedroom unit, a gift from her father. Her going away dress was of brown venetian cloth with hat to match. The best wishes of the whole community follow the bride to her new home at Baker’s Settlement. May long life and happiness be theirs.

Frank Tennyson Carver went to school to Grade 2. He always said he went to school one day and the teacher was sick. He taught my mother her tables when they were unloading wood.

Elva Mae Wentzell Carver went to Grade 4. She had to stay home when her brother, Stephen, was born. She could not do long division.

Mae went to work at Abner Wentzell’s in Riversdale. Frank worked for Nathan Veinot in Riversdale so that is how they met.

Frank was paid $30.00 a month when he worked for Nathan Veinot. He worked for Nathan for three years and saved $1000 to buy the Joseph Baker farm. He walked home to Baker Settlement on Sundays and walked back to Riversdale ready to work on Monday.

Frank also worked on the spring log drive of 1911 for the Davison Lumber Company.

Grandmother Mae preferred Mae but she was named Elva May.

We didn’t get to visit our grandparents very often but I remember Grandfather Frank eating. He ate with his knife and he could really balance peas and beans. When we left there, he would say,”Mae, get your purse” and she would get her little gray purse and give each of five Penney children a quarter. After Grandfather died, we never got another quarter!

Their Christmas tree was always a pine tree. My mother said they lit the candles only on Christmas Day and there was a pail of water handy. After they got electricity, they had a set of bubble lights that fascinated me.
Children of Frank Tennyson and Elva Mae (Wentzel) Carver:

Mary Grace Carver, Pinehurst
born September 11, 1910, Baker Settlement
died June 21, 2003, Bridgewater
buried Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, New Germany

married August 2, 1941, at the home of W.A. Crouse, Bridgewater, St. Paul’s Lutheran records
Phares Warren Judge
born June 22, 1908, Hebb’s Cross
died January 13, 1990, Bridgewater
buried Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, New Germany
son of John Albert and Alice Maude (Croft) Judge, Hebbville

Mary married (2) June 6, 1995.
Asbury Sabin Height
born August 5, 1912, South Range, Digby County
died August 31, 2004, Bridgewater
buried Dayspring Cemetery
son of Frank and Cora Height

Myrtle Ruth Carver, Barss Corner
born October 22, 1915, Baker Settlement

married April 30, 1943, Trinity Lutheran, New Germany
Clarence Addison MacKay
born February 22, 1916, Union Square
died August 10, 1944, France, World War II
buried Bretteville-Sur-Laize, Canadian War Cemetery, Calvados, France
son of Angus and Olivia (Silver) MacKay, Union Square

Myrtle married (2) June 29, 1946.
Robert McLearn Taylor
born December 15, 1907, Farmington
died March 17, 1974, at home
buried Barss Corner Baptist Cemetery
son of Ralph and Miriam (Webber) Taylor, Farmington

McLearn married (1) October 8, 1932, Worcester
Kathleen Frances Feindel
born May 15, 1910, New Germany
died December 27, 1944, Halifax
buried Barss Corner Baptist Cemetery
daughter of Hezekiah and Emma (Conrad) Feindel, New Germany

Children of Robert McLearn and Kathleen Frances (Feindel) Taylor:

Carolyn Dawn Taylor
born September 29, 1933, Barss Corner
died October 14, 1933, at home
buried Barss Corner Baptist Cemetery

Robert Russell Taylor, Farmington
born July 10, 1935, Barss Corner
died March 27, 1996, Farmington
buried Barss Corner Community Cemetery
married November 7, 1956, St. John’s
Hyacinth Louise Veinot
born November 7, 1934, Bridgewater
died August 23, 1998, Bridgewater
buried Barss Corner Baptist Cemetery
daughter of Albert and Blanche (Veinot) Veinot, New Germany

John Robert Taylor, Farmington
born May 9, 1957, Bridgewater
married October 19, 1985.
Darlene Trobak
born February 22, 1960.
Virginia Lea Taylor
born June 13, 1981.

Holly Ann Taylor
born April 25, 1987.

Jake Andrew Taylor
born October 20, 1989.

David Ian Taylor, Edmonton
born October 13, 1959, Bridgewater

Catherine Anne Taylor, Dayspring
born September 28, 1960, Bridgewater
married August 8, 1980.
Wade Emery Foster
born September 1, 1959.
son of Fred and Glenys (Kaulback) Foster, Maplewood
Brandon Wade Foster
born September 1, 1985.

Sawyer Taylor Foster
born August 25, 1987.
Karen Krista Taylor, Caledonia
born April 16, 1962, Bridgewater
married August 20, 1988.
Christopher Louis McCarthy
born July 8, 1960.
son of John and Shirley McCarthy
Tara Shirley McCarthy
born May 21, 1993.

Erin Kathleen McCarthy
born June 24, 1995.
Nancy Lea Taylor
born April 25, 1969, Bridgewater
Ralph Howard Taylor, Bible Hill
born July 31, 1938, Barss Corner
married April 29, 1967.
Eleanor Jean Veinotte
born June 5, 1937.
daughter of Lloyd and Erna (Demone) Veinotte, New Cornwall

Lynn Elizabeth Taylor
born November 26, 1967.
married April 29, 1989.
William John DeJager

William Alexander DeJager
born December 8, 1992.

Jordan Taylor DeJager
born May 4, 1994.

Chelsea Lynn DeJager
born March 8, 1996.

Charles Lee DeJager
born 1997

Susan Ruth Taylor
born November 1, 1973.
Child of Robert McLearn and Myrtle Ruth (Carver) Taylor:
Ruth Miriam Taylor
born February 5, 1953, Bridgewater
married August 31, 1974, St. Joseph’s, Bridgewater
Réal Jacques André Samson
son of Louis Alfred and Lorraine (Samson) Samson, Petit de Grat

Witnesses to marriage:
Christopher LeBlanc
Elizabeth Legassie

Melanie Ruth Lorraine Samson, Lethbridge, Alberta
born September 8, 1978.

Joel Réal Samson
born January 20, 1981.

Barbara Helen Carver, New Germany
born July 2, 1917, Baker Settlement
baptized May 13, 1918, Rev. George Ball
Witnesses to baptism, at home of the parents:
Harold Carver
Malcolm Baker

died January 13, 2011, Rosedale Home, New Germany
buried Epworth United Cemetery, New Germany

married December 31, 1938, at Aunt Lexie’s home, Upper Northfield
Jacob Frederick Penney
born July 14, 1920, Upper Northfield
died May 12, 1984, Halifax
buried Epworth United Cemetery
son of Charles Archibald and Lois Ray (Morton) Penney, Upper Northfield

Children of Jacob Frederick and Barbara Helen (Carver) Penney:

Frank Archibald Penney, Springfield
born December 15, 1938, Upper Northfield
married October 10, 1959, Springfield Baptist
Ruth Louise Crouse
born April 11, 1940, Springfield
daughter of John Phillip and Marjorie Arabella (Conrad) Crouse, Springfield

Jack Phillip Penney, Springfield
born September 19, 1960, Halifax

Frank Eric Penney, Pleaasantville
born August 8, 1962, Halifax
married October 25, 1986, St. John’s Anglican
Jeanette Hilda Hubley
born August 15, 1960, Bridgewater
daughter of Eugene and Grace (Arenburg) Hubley, New Germany

Joseph Eugene Penney, Alberta
born April 4, 1978, Bridgewater
Karlie Kim Penney
born December 4, 2008.

Karysa Penney

Holly Grace Louise Penney, Alberta
born February 28, 1988, New Glasgow
partner is:
Wayne Leo Edward Snow
Hudson Eric Wayne Snow
born May 24, 2011, Bridgewater

Weston John Edward Snow
born June 24, 2015, St. Albert, Alberta
Nicholas Frank Penney
born November 4, 1989, Bridgewater
Beth Anne Penney, Springfield
born July 13, 1965. Halifax
died November 16, 2014, Bridgewater
buried Springfield Cemetery
married March 11, 1989, Springfield Baptist; divorced
Frederick George Freeman
born March 21, 1960.
son of George Arthur and Elizabeth Rose (Joudrey) Freeman, Greenfield
Tara Lynn Freeman, Springfield
born December 30, 1990, Bridgewater

Tyler George Freeman, Springfield
born August 24, 1994, Bridgewater
Rosemary Marjorie Penney, New Germany
born October 10, 1941, at home
married February 1, 1964, Barss Corner Baptist
John Stephen Rafuse
born May 12, 1939, at home
son of Richmond Reid and Angie Alalia (Tupper) Rafuse, Parkdale

Joanne Brenda Rafuse, Kintore, Ontario
born July 27, 1964, Bridgewater
married August 20, 1994, Epworth United
Peter Norman Lansdell
born June 3, 1966, London, Ontario
son of Norman Lewis and Elsie Mary (Parker) Lansdell, Kintore
Cole Norman Lansdell, Kintore
born December 25, 1994, London

Wyatt Peter Lansdell, Kintore
born January 17, 1997, London
Stephen John Rafuse, Kentville
born April 27, 1969, Bridgewater
married August 19, 1995, Epworth United, divorced
Charmaine Elizabeth Zwicker
born November 13, 1972, Bridgewater
daughter of Harley and Elizabeth (Kaulback) Zwicker, Pinehurst
Katherine Grace Rafuse, New Ross
born July 31, 2001, Kentville

Emily Paige Rafuse, New Ross
born October 22, 2004, Kentville

Stephen married (2) May 18, 2013, at their home in Woodville, Kings County
Catherine Denise Bent
born August 15, 1963,Kentville
daughter of John Frederick and Catherine Marie (Williams) Bent, Port Williams
Cathy’s child:
Jeremy Carmen Hillier
born 1988
died November 6, 2011, at home
Jill Louise Rafuse, Clarence, Annapolis County
born August 9, 1972, Bridgewater
married June 28, 1998, Niagara Falls, divorced
Jason Robert Nesbitt
born July 18, 1973.
son of Robert and Barbara (Wereley) Nesbitt, Springfield, Ontario

Jill married (2)
John Douglas Gates
born June 21, 1964, St. Mary’s, Ontario
son of Allan MacIntosh and Marion Ruth (Munro) Gates, Lakeside, Ontario
Chloe Rose Gates
born April 16, 2003, London

Alison Barbara Gates
born October 6, 2005, London

Luke Douglas Gates
born December 19, 2007, London

Samuel John Gates
born July 4, 2011, London
Karen Joy Rafuse, St. Catharine’s, Ontario
born June 30, 1977, Bridgewater
married June 29, 2013, Rockland, Kings County
Matthew John Phillips
born February 19, 1983, Wolfville
son of Michael and Pamela Ann (White) Phillips, Wolfville
Matthew’s child:
Hailey Anne Plante-Phillips
born October 15, 2003, Welland, Ontario
Janet Lynn Rafuse, New Minas
born June 8, 1979, Bridgewater
married September 27, 2008, Kentville United
Scott Michael Quinn
born November 26, 1972, Halifax
son of Douglas Earle and Betty Ann (Hall) Quinn, Pentz
Abigail Claire Quinn
born October 12, 2011, Kentville

James Johannes Quinn
born March 16, 2014, Kentville

Jacob Frederick Penney, New Germany
born October 24, 1942, at home
baptized November 4, 1945, Epworth United
married December 4, 1971, Parkdale Baptist
Constance Dianne Rafuse
born March 1, 1945, at home
daughter of Frank Ross and Sadie Mae (Falkenham) Rafuse, Parkdale
Natalie Mae Penney, Barss Corner
born January 15, 1973, Bridgewater
married April 15, 1999, Dominican Republic
George William Joudrey
born February 7, 1969, Bridgewater
son of George and Diane (Ramey) Joudrey, Barss Corner

Lezlie Dianne Penney, Watford
born October 7, 1974, Bridgewater
married April, 2002, Punta Cana
Darren Donald Whynot
son of Donald and Maxine (Best) Whynot, Windsor

Jacob Frederick Penney, New Cornwall
born May , 1979, Bridgewater

Jordan David Penney, New Germany
born November 3, 1980, Bridgewater
Amelia Lee Lohnes
born November 22, 2002.
Dale Wayne Penney, Pinehurst
born September 1, 1944, at home
baptized November 4, 1945, Epworth United
married March 1, 1969, Trinity Lutheran, divorced
Joan Dianne Oickle
born May 30, 1946, Upper Branch
daughter of Glenwood and Kathleen (Beck) Oickle, Upper Branch

Joan married (2) February 12, 1983, New Canada Baptist
Frank James Silver
son of Ray and Myrtle Silver, Bridgewater

Dale married (2) September 15, 1985, Boston
Helen Christine Parlo
born August 8, 1948.
daughter of John and Helen (Kahler) Parlo, Boston
Bruce James Penney, New Germany
born June 8, 1946, at home
married June 12, 1980, Epworth United, divorced
Virginia Victoria Demone
born April 30, 1952, Cherryfield
daughter of Laurie and Elva (Robar) Demone, Cherryfield
Jennifer Jean Penney, Bridgewater
born June 23, 1988, Bridgewater

Bruce’s partner is:
Shirley Ann Arenburg Moore
born December 22, 1957, Bridgewater
daughter of Harold and Laurene (Jodrey) Arenburg, New Germany

Children of Frank Tennyson and Elva Mae (Wentzel) Carver, continued

Grace Evangeline Carver, Bridgewater
born July 7, 1919, Baker Settlement
died February 2, 2009, Bridgewater
buried Brookside Cemetery, Bridgewater

married August 28, 1945, St. John’s Anglican, New Germany
Ralph William Corkum
born July 15, 1923, Conquerall Bank
died October 11, 2006, Halifax
buried Brookside Cemetery, Bridgewater
son of Milton and Clara (Rafuse) Corkum, Bridgewater

Daughter, born and died 1952
Frank Junior Carver, Baker Settlement
born June 20, 1921, Baker Settlement
died December 14, 1988, in his truck
buried Baker Settlement Cemetery
Hiram Joseph Carver, New Germany
born February 17, 1930, Bridgewater, in a big snowstorm, after Grandfather Frank got his wife there with a horse and sleigh

married August 31, 1955, Baker Settlement United
Ruth Sadie Getson
born March 3, 1931, Colpton
daughter of Ernest and Sadie (Fancy) Getson, Baker Settlement

Janet Ruth Carver
born July 10, 1957, Bridgewater
married August 14, 1982, Epworth United, divorced
David Basil Mader
born September 26, 1955, New Germany
died March 15, 2005, South Porcupine, Ontario
son of Dennis and Virginia (Tanner) Mader, New Germany

Janet married (2) July, 2008, at the Carver cabin, Lake Peter
Allison Walter (Rick) Boehner
son of Lewis and Loretha Goldie (Llewellyn) Boehner

Ernest Franklin Carver, Upper Northfield
born September 10, 1958, Bridgewater
married July 9, 1983, Mount Calvary Lutheran, Upper Northfield
Margaret Louise Ramey
born July 24, 1960, Bridgewater
daughter of Garth and Esther (Uhlman) Ramey, Upper Northfield
Benjamin Paul Carver
born July 23, 1986, Bridgewater

Matthew James Carver
born October 11, 1987, Bridgewater

Mary Anne Carver, North Conway, New Hampshire
born December 3, 1963, Bridgewater
married October 11, 1986, Epworth United
Douglas Cyril Taylor
born December 13, 1958, Saint John
son of Dr. Cyril and Joanne Taylor, Saint John
Anna Ruth Taylor
born August 25, 1990, London, Ontario

Katherine Eugena Taylor
born December 9, 1994, Halifax
Catherine Mae Carver, Nepean, Ontario
born June 10, 1934, Bridgewater
baptized June 16, 1935, St. Luke’s Lutheran, Rev. Monk
married May 22, 1954, Ottawa
William George Alford
born May 14, 1933, Alliston, Ontario
William Robert Alford, Nepean
born April 24, 1963, Ottawa

Catherine Audra Alford, Bayonne, New Jersey
born March 12, 1967, Ottawa
Rodger O’Hara
Matthew Paul O’Hara
born June 19, 1995, Ottawa

Kyle Stewart O’Hara
born September 12, 2003, Bayonne, New Jersey

Ralph Waldo Emmerson Carver, Troy, New Hamsphire
born September 3, 1882, Baker Settlement
died April 19, 1937, Troy
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy

married September 11, 1911, Troy
Florence M. Hale
born August 17, 1883, Troy
died August 26, 1978, Rochester, Minnesota
buried Monadnock View Cemetery, Troy
daughter of Ozro and Lucy (Kendall) Hale, Troy

Helen Marjorie Carver, Bella Vista, Arkansas
born June 23, 1913.
died June 17, 1993.
Harold William Parker
born April 3, 1914.
died September 27, 1993.
Their ashes were taken by their children to South Wellfleet, their favourite Cape Cod beach.

Ellen Hale Parker, Acton, Massachusetts
born October 18, 1939, New Hampshire
died August 21, 2000, Acton
married Richard Eugene Swenson
born May 7, 1939.
Ige Kirston Swenson
born April 3, 1970.

Thor Eric Swenson
born May 17, 1974.

Susan Carver Parker, Middletown, Connneticut
born March 28, 1944.
David Bengtson
born January 6, 1944.
Kristin Anne Bengtson
born January 6, 1977.

Susan married (2) March 11, 1980.
Stanley Joseph Bastura
born March 25, 1945.
Kathrine Carver Bastura
born August 7, 1984.
Peter Sanborn Parker
born September 30, 1946.
died December 5, 1947.

Thomas Mason Parker, Monticello, Minnesota
born December 16, 1948.
Marilyn Henderson
born February 12, 1948.

Michael Henderson Parker
born April 10, 1972.

Douglas Shafer Parker
born April 11, 1975.

Robert Kendall Parker
born May 31, 1978.

Thomas married (2) October 4, 1992.
Jane Elizabeth Mitchell Odegard
born October 11, 1955.
daughter of Marvin and Lois Mitchell, Jr.
Jane’s children:
Scott David Yelle
born October 12, 1975.

Logan Craig Yelle
born July 21, 1981.
Emerson Hale Carver
born May 23, 1915, Troy
died October 24, 1927, Troy, kidney cancer
buried Monadnock View Mountain Cemetery

1920 Census
Waldo E., 37, machinst
immigrated 1899
Florence M., 36
Helen M., 6 6/12
Emerson H., 4 7/12
Robert Randall (Bert) Carver, Manchester, New Hampshire
born May 28, 1886, Baker Settlement
died January 21, 1947, at his home in Manchester, of liver cancer
buried Mountain View Cemetery, Trroy

married June 22, 1910, Troy
Florence A. Clark, age 25
buried Mountain View Cemetery, Troy
daughter of Warren N. and Etta A. (Peck) Clark

Bert married (2) November 14, 192, Manchester
Florence Chandler Hood, widow
born April 28, 1885, New Hampshire
daughter of William L. and Cicly (Crijan) Chandler

1930 Census, Claremont, New Hampshire
Bert, 43, machine repairer in shoe company
Florence, 44

The second Florence had a daughter, Frances A. Hood.
Bert immigrated in 1906.
That completes my work on the Carver Family.

Rosemary M. Rafuse
November 15, 2016.