Still Busy!

Yesterday, Sunday was clean the house and write letters day.  Norman does the weekly house cleaning and yesterday he tried but we still have too many boxes around to do a good job of it.  But he did clean as much of the house as he could find.  He changed the dressers in the bed room so his tall one is by the bathroom door and my low one is near the windows so there is more room to come out of the bathroom.  Today, Monday is wash day, of course so the bed is no remade yet, he just got the sheets out of the drier and the next job is to make the bed – but first a short nap as we just finished dinner. Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.20 PM

Excuse the unmade bed.  Norman always insisted on hanging the clothes out on the line to dry in the fresh air but here you can not hang clothes out side so we have to use the drier, like it or not.Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.21 PM

The tall chest of draws we got from Auntie (my grandmother).  It was great,great Uncle Web’s so is more than 100 years old and made of oak.  The other is a maple chest and was originally a high boy but the couple who inherited it got into a fight and he took the top and she got the bottom.  I bought this bottom half at an auction and had a new top put on it.  The front is a veneer of bird’s eye maple.  It too is very old so both pieces are very solid and have been with us for well over 40 years so will spend the rest of our lives with us then who knows who will want them.   The little slant top desk on top of Norman’s chest of draws came from the railroad station is Harrisville.  It was the station master’s desk and when that building was to be torn down, Uncle Bing went in and saved that desk, later he gave it to me, that too we would never give up.Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.21 PM #2

Of course Norman could not get into the craft room/guest bedroom.  We are still waiting for the stairs to the new attic to be put in this Friday, then I can sort all of this stuff and get into this room to clean.  I have opened some boxes as you can see many of my dolls are out of the box now but I have to get my cloth and sewing things out before I can make clothes for them so they can make a good impression at White City.  Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.21 PM #3

The dinning room is pretty well clear out but still has a few boxes for the attic.  At least he had a chance to get some cleaning done in here.  In the sitting room , which is on one end of the living room he felt it was too crowded so he moved the low book case that was under the window over under the counter which we never use anyways and it looks much better.Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.22 PM

Now that end of the room is not at all crowed and there is room for the other gossip chair as soon as it arrives.  It is the mate to the one you see here and Shirley, they are very comfortable so we will really enjoy them when you come.  Photo on 8-24-15 at 12.22 PM #2

This is where the case went to, under the counter, out of the way and in no ones way.

Today we went chopping for food at BJ’s so are all set in that line also.  Have a great day.

About Carol (Ouma) Petts

I am a retired teacher. I have taught all levels from kindergarten through college and have been retired now for over 20 years. The last ten years we have lived on a farm and lived off the land, growing our own food and canning for our extended family. Now we have sold the farm and are moving to Florida to truly retire. I guess I have always had a short attention span as this is our 11th move. We have moved from a small farm in New Hampshire, to more city type living, small business adventures, focusing more on traveling, Florida living, Georgia, and Tennessee farming and now back to Florida. My blog is a way to keep my children up to date on what I am doing and letting them know I am still alive and well. My children are spread across the country from New England to Florida, Nova Scotia to New Mexico and CA and several places between, They let me know what they are up to by commenting on my blog but they are so busy with their own lives most times I have to assume " no news is good news". Now I are starting on a new adventure so will try to give daily updates until we get settled into a routine. Then I know even if I am getting older and should settle down I will start looking for some new and exciting adventure to start. Welcome aboard. Norman died Oct 30, 2017 so I am continuing the journey alone with the aid of my children, grand children and great grand children. At present I am living with my daughter and we are 7 in one house and cover four generations. We range in age from 7 to 85 and are finding common ground, we are living proof that multi generations can live and function in a three bedroom house if they really want to. Soon my grandson will have his house built next door so we all will have a room of their own except for the seven year old twins who by choice will share a room.
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5 Responses to Still Busy!

  1. Rosemary Rafuse says:

    There is a slanted desk top in my husband’s parents’ house, like on Norman’s dresser. I often wondered what it was. I dust it twice a year and let it sit there! Thank you!!

    • OH WOW! Now you will have to ask if there was a railroad station near them or near any relative that they may have gotten the desk from. Strange how things like this seem to follow in families. We both go out each morning for a walk to get the old joints working. Norman goes about 2 miles down the sidewalk and back. I just go around Larkwood Circle, no sidewalk but it is right here in the Village Green Community so no need for sidewalks the speed limit is 15 MPH. When I get used to that I will expand it out to include another circle. I used to do the whole loop but that was four years ago and my knees are not as good as they used to be but with no stairs here they will get back soon.

  2. Rosemary Rafuse says:

    I am hoping my old knees will”come back.” There wasn’t any railroad station handy the old Rafuse home but I was thinking maybe it came from an old school. These old people never threw anything away and husband is almost the same. We have been eating 5 dried cherries every day for about a month. They cost $16.29 for a pound at Bulk Barn!

    • Hi Rosemary- You are no doubt right, that is the same kind of desk that would have been on a teacher’s flat top desk. I am glad they never threw things out, all my early furniture came from my grandmother’s attic from things that she had gotten from her Uncle or her parents. I still have a few pieces. Do you get in Canada? Do they offer Prime with free shipping? I have always gotten my dried cherries from them for $29.63 for 4 pounds. They are from Traverse Bay Fruit Company and I have looked at their site and they cost almost twice as much from them but they do not have the big four pound bags like I get from Amazon. We have been eating the cherries for over five years. I learned about them from a 90 year old woman who had polo when she was 5, her doctor told her to eat cherries every day to control the pain instead of taking more pain pills and she said it worked so I had to try them too.

  3. Rosemary Rafuse says:

    I will have to get my daughter to check for me about the cherries. I couldn’t believe how much they cost. We are still eating our 5 a day. Taking Tylenol, too!

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