Feeling Better

I am sorry it has been so long since I wrote but I have been ill and had no ambition.  I started out just very tired but then I could not eat without feeling very sick.  By Saturday night I could not sleep I felt so awful and achy.  Sunday, I felt a little better by noon time so I ate just a little of the steak and potato that Norman fixed for himself but by the second swallow I knew I had done wrong and was right back down with fever and threwing up.  Monday looked better and I got out in the morning and picked some peaches, then we went down town and went to the dump and stopped for some saltines and gingerale.  That tasted very good so at noon when Norman made speghetti I tried just a little.  Again wrong thing to do and I was very sick again all afternoon and evening.  I awoke this morning feeling some better and my fever was gone but have not tried to eat.  In fact I have no desire to eat so am sticking to my unsalted saltines, water and ginger ale.  There is one good thing about it tho, I have lost 3 pounds.  I have tried to lose weight all summer and just couldn’t so now I have a good start and will try not to put it all back on when I feel better.  We canned the peaches this morning.  With Norman’s help I got 10 pints done.  I had saltines for lunch and then took a nap.  Right now Norman is out mowing the lawn and he picked the last of the peaches on the Belle of Georgia peach tree.  We will can those tomorrow and then work of the other tree.  There should be more zuchinni and beans to can by tomorrow also.  Then on Thursday Norman has to go for another shot in the eye.  He goes two months in between shots now, we thought that would seem like a long time but it doesn’t seem any longer than the one month did.  I guess when it is something you hate to do the time between goes by fast, it is only pleasant things that take forever to get here.  Have a great day.

About Carol (Ouma) Petts

I am a retired teacher. I have taught all levels from kindergarten through college and have been retired now for over 20 years. The last ten years we have lived on a farm and lived off the land, growing our own food and canning for our extended family. Now we have sold the farm and are moving to Florida to truly retire. I guess I have always had a short attention span as this is our 11th move. We have moved from a small farm in New Hampshire, to more city type living, small business adventures, focusing more on traveling, Florida living, Georgia, and Tennessee farming and now back to Florida. My blog is a way to keep my children up to date on what I am doing and letting them know I am still alive and well. My children are spread across the country from New England to Florida, Nova Scotia to New Mexico and CA and several places between, They let me know what they are up to by commenting on my blog but they are so busy with their own lives most times I have to assume " no news is good news". Now I are starting on a new adventure so will try to give daily updates until we get settled into a routine. Then I know even if I am getting older and should settle down I will start looking for some new and exciting adventure to start. Welcome aboard. Norman died Oct 30, 2017 so I am continuing the journey alone with the aid of my children, grand children and great grand children. At present I am living with my daughter and we are 7 in one house and cover four generations. We range in age from 7 to 85 and are finding common ground, we are living proof that multi generations can live and function in a three bedroom house if they really want to. Soon my grandson will have his house built next door so we all will have a room of their own except for the seven year old twins who by choice will share a room.
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2 Responses to Feeling Better

  1. Joyce Larrabee says:

    So sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. Guess that stuff is going around. Our Grand-daughter Nichole has been very sick with a high fever and cough for about a week. She finally went to the Dr. and found that she has pneumonia. She got an anti-biotic and a cough suppressant. She is feeling better. She works at Wolfeboro Children’s Daycare. Take it easy and hope you feel better soon. ♥

    • Thank you for your concern. We finally decided it was the heat that did me in. I never run a temperature but I did with this but a few days out of the heat and drinking lots of water has put me back on my feet. I will be careful from now on about working outside when the temperature is up. I hope your Grand-daughter is better, it is so easy to pick up these things when you work with small children, they carry so many bugs and the poor adults get them, I remember!

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